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Prosperity and Success

Energy that
makes you feel alive.

Prosperity is a state, a condition of successful and over-flowing materials and possessions. It is often connected with money, finance and physical possessions. But it can also refer to immaterial possessions like relationships, good health, happiness and spirituality.

Prosperity Magnet

Attracting prosperity highly depends on our energy, thoughts and emotions. Based on the law of attraction, we attract what we have inside!

So the key in manifesting prosperity lies in our beliefs, self-worth, attitude, expectations, and willingness to receive.

Our perception and beliefs towards money, success and if we deserve to have a prosperous life affects our ability to attract abundance. Such beliefs and programs are often planted in our system even from childhood years, and many of us even don’t know that we have such negative attitude towards money, abundance, and success.

Pranic Psychotherapy, Kriyashakti and our prosperity seminars are designed to make us aware of such self-limiting thoughts and behaviours and provide techniques to disintegrate and remove them from our system. Once we fill our aura with the energies of prosperity and abundance we can live a life of our dreams.

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Find out how Pranic Healing can help you increase your prosperity and lead you to greater success through simple and step-by-step techniques. Join the family as more people today are applying Pranic Healing in their daily lives.

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About the Author:

Dean has spent many years in business working for multinationals (e.g Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Chevron, Hutchison Whampoa) and successfully running his own small business. With a background in Finance and Economics Dean has carefully explored Pranic Healing and now with many experiences behind him confidently goes about sharing this ancient wisdom with the public. Dean has personally trained with Master Choa Kok Sui, Master Hector Ramos, Master Danny Gorgonia, Master Nona Castro, Master Daphne, Master Faith, Master Herme, Master Glenn Medoza and Master Stephen Co. He has trained further in Italy, India, Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia and also in the Philippines. Dean practises Arhatic Yoga and regularly offers Free Healing clinics to the public.