Master Hector RamosMaster Hector Ramos

Senior teacher assigned to Australia by Master Choa, Hector lives in Amsterdam whilst he travels extensively teaching the higher courses throughout Europe. Master Hector usually visits Australia at least once a year and its very worthwhile spending time with him in his classes when he is here.

As the librarian for Master Choa his extensive spiritual is put to the test by curious students, he often offers books studies with one of his favorites being Treaties of the Cosmic Fire.

Currently Master Hector is focusing  on his primary role of spreading the teachings throughout Europe, we look forward to his return to Perth this year.

Master Hector is closely involved in many charitable activities, including the hope for the children foundation which is feeding thousands of hungry and orphaned souls.


Master Stephen Co

Master Stephen Co

Master Stephen Co

The Skeptical Engineer who turned Master Pranic Healer

The first thing that strikes you about Master Stephen Co is his dynamic energy, his sense of humor and his saying it like it is. A mesmerizing speaker, he also found himself as part of a CBS Special investigative report, when he healed a woman who turned out to be the daughter of an Emmy award winning producer.

But that is not something Stephen Co, an analytical, skeptical engineer would have imagined a place he would be in many years ago.

‘I grew up in the Philippines and went to Catholic school and followed the sacraments. But if you are looking for someone to tell you, that he was always on quest for enlightenment, or dabbling in alternative healing, then I’m the wrong man. My only exposure was to the Catholic Church and to fortune tellers my mother often took me to. By the time I grew up I became an engineer and a Baptist. And for me, anything that didn’t come from the Church came from the other side.’

“When I was 24 years old, my wife fell and broke her hip.” The doctor told Stephen Co it was a compound fracture and it would be 3 to 4 months before his wife would walk again. “At that time I took a visualization class called Silver Method, and there someone told me about Pranic Healing. I said – ‘okay, I’m skeptical but I will try it if it heals my wife.’”

Stephen Co went to the class. The teacher was Master Choa Kok Sui.

What was his first reaction to the Master? Stephen Cosaid with a laugh, “Again, no lightening struck, no bells rang. For me he was just another guy teaching this class that I was quite skeptical about. You may get some awe struck responses from others about their first meeting with Master Choa, but not from me! I even remember one time I volunteered to scan someone and I wasn’t doing a good job and Master Choa just waved to me and dismissed me, ‘Hey you, go sit down,’ and I really didn’t care. I said, ‘Okay whatever.’ “Stephen Co says he could not feel anything in his hands for four years and could not scan well. “I started teaching classes and just memorized the whole book.

So I would guide the students according to the instructions in the books and the funniest thing was that all the students felt the sensations in their hands, but the one man who felt nothing was the one teaching them the class, me! So I could really never show them, all I did was just guide them. It was another 4 years before I could actually scan right. Even today, I use my logical mind first, by asking the person who comes in, about the problem, what was the medical diagnosis, and then use the protocol based on knowledge gained from asking. Of course while healing I get impressions. I work very differently from other Masters”.

What have been his most exciting healings? “Well, there was the young lady whose father was the CBS producer. She came in to get healing for her boy friend who had back pain and then requested a healing for herself. When asked what area she needed healing in, she mentioned a couple of general things and then wrote, Blind in one eye. I said well if you are blind, then you are blind, I don’t think I can do anything about it. When she said, ‘please try,’ I started working on her trying a particular technique. When I started, all she saw was pitch black darkness. Ten minutes later she started seeing grey. Another 10 minutes and she started seeing light as if someone had poked a hole in that grey film. I finished working on her in 45 minutes and then walked away because I was afraid nothing would happen. Then I said from a distance, ‘Open your eye Jill.’ I heard a scream and she said, ‘I can see.’ I didn’t believe it myself. I went to check if she had her other good eye closed and wasn’t peeking from it. She wasn’t. She could see. I can say this happens always -the healer is more shocked than the one being healed.”

DannyGorgoniaMaster Danny Gorgonia

Master Danny Gorgonia along with Master Faith Saway and Master Hermie Corcuera , spread MCKS Pranic Healing all over the Philippines. Master Danny, with MasterDaphne Bigcas, presently manages the World Pranic Healing Foundation. Master Danny teaches throughout India, parts of Europe, the Middle East Australia and Africa.

Master Danny Gorgonia accompanied Master Choa Kok Sui on his many trips to Perth. Master Danny also travelled to Perth independantly and taught many of us here in Western Australia the higher teachings, A senior disciple and attorney Danny’s humour will surprise you and the delivery of MCKS teachings are in a very pure form.

We look forward to Master Danny’s return to Australia