Arhatic Yoga


Arhatic Yoga is a synthesis of techniques designed to assist you in soul realisation and create greater success, harmony and balance in your life.

The practice of Arhatic Yoga helps one develop a powerful aura, a magnetic and well-integrated  personality, effective and powerful healing abilities and unleashes the creative powers of materialising one’s goals in life. Serious practice offers the potential of achieving the highest spiritual heights in this Life.

Arhatic Yoga is a staged program that includes inner teachings on the energy body, powerful meditations and breathing & physical exercises that aim to rapidly and safely accelerate personal development and self-mastery.

Arhatic Yoga is unique. It introduces techniques that specifically assist in your character building and personal development. Arhatic Yoga activates and balances your positive       aspects, and neutralizes your negative tendencies or habits. Providing for balanced emotions and regulated thoughts thus creating calmness, clarity and positive-ness in action and outlook.

There are three modules, that are compulsory to master before the Arhatic Yoga course proper can be taught.

You are required to learn the fundamentals about how the energetic life force of the human body affects the physical, emotional and mental health of a person. This is then followed by Arhatic Yoga Preparatory to be taught by a senior international licenced instructor.

The prerequisite for Arhatic Yoga Preparatory course is : Pranic Psychotherapy

Arhatic Yoga Preparatory is $770 for first time participants


Advanced Yogi – Babaji

All Arhatic Yoga practitioners begin at the Preparatory Level where they learn the basics of energy/spiritual development, as well as the fundamental meditations and breathing exercises that balance and align the body.

Various techniques for drawing in prana (life force) are taught to reduce stress in our everyday lives bringing in inner calmness, wholeness and assisting in vitality and well-being.

Arhatic Yoga can be thought of as a gateway by which we may experience our life in ways we never thought were possible.



Arhatic Yoga Ashram, India

ARHATIC YOGA PROGRAM for new students includes: Basic  Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy & Arhatic Yoga  Preparatory*.

Complete course content for each level is available upon request.

TOTAL COST: $1695.00 SAVE $260.00 3 Month Program Payment Plan Available