Evolution is
A Process…

Personal development is referred to any practice that helps to manifest the greatness of our soul – any practice that empowers us to achieve greater heights.

Personal Achievement
Development is a broad term! It encompasses all the aspects of our life from physical and emotional, to mental and spiritual.

Development should be well-rounded, holistic and continuous. You can’t expect your weaknesses to be eradicated in one sitting. Evolution is a process, and it often comes with committing mistakes and learning from them.

Though we all make mistakes, we need to push ourselves to overcome barriers and to become a better person —with character building as the foundation of this constant growth.

Pranic Healing workshops provide a pathway to constant development and growth. They are developed to alleviate the suffering of humanity and accelerate the evolutionary process of the soul.

Empowering the body, emotions, mind, and soul are the aim of the seminars and workshops in the Personal Development section.


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