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Celebrate Founder’s Day with us. Following Twin Hearts meditation we will play a short video followed by fellowship. Tea, Coffee and nibbles will follow.

Appreciate and value the teachings of Master Choa Kok Suias he discusses the importance of the Role of the Teacher and Proper Attitude Towards the Teacher.


Reverence to the Teacher

Master Choa said, “Your main purpose in each lifetime is to grow up.” We start off in
our development as young souls—learning as students by listening, receiving spiritual
food in the form of teachings and blessings through transference of higher energy from
the sat Guru or permanent main Teacher. Development and transformations from a
young soul to a better soul, or growing up, requires spiritual food. The Teacher is like
the sun, constantly radiating spiritual energy, feeding the students. This spiritual food is
brought down and stepped down through the sat Guru from the higher beings in a form
that the evolving soul can digest and assimilate. This is their early stage.

As the soul matures, through constant nurturing by the Teacher, the more evolved soul
learns to recognize and give respect to the Teacher, to practice what he has learned in
order to evolve faster. Just as a child requires nutritious and purified food, ingesting
diluted food by dilution, contamination, or misrepresentation of the spiritual teachings
not only degrades the development but also may lead to severe illness that may last for
a long time or loss of life of the evolving soul.

The progressive development of the student, therefore, means that as the student is
sustained by the constant supply of spiritual food and following simple instructions
provided by the sat Guru, he gradually matures and realizes that growing up means he
has reached the development of being able to continuously give, and not just waiting to
be fed and cared for. The maturing soul constantly gives recognition, respect, and
gratitude in his mind, heart, and actions to the Guru.

Reverence or recognition and respect for the Teacher includes maintaining the purity of
the sat Guru’s teachings in their practice, avoiding imputing the student’s own and
other teaching’s ideas into the teachings, spreading the Guru’s spiritual teachings to all
those who are ready, and supporting those who are spreading the Teachings.