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Learn To Meditate

Is stress getting you down?
Do you want to be more contented?
Do you want to be happier and more peaceful?
Trouble concentrating during meditation?

Twin Hearts meditation is a powerful guided meditation developed by Master Choa.  It is a non-religious, non-denominational meditation that has developed inner peace, increased contentment, happiness and well-being in many of it’s regular attendees. The meditation is simple, easy to practice and gives real results in a short period of time. Many regular attendees have also reported more energy, greater intuition, insights and improved clarity of the mind.

“I have gained so much in my life from the practice of this meditation”

Lena Sheth


“I felt so calm and peaceful after the Twin Hearts meditation”

Iggy Tan


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Dean Tollis - Instructor

Dean Tollis – Instructor


Licensed Instructor and Advanced Pranic Healer

Dean has spent many years in business working for multi national companies and successfully running his own small business. He has a background in Finance and Economics and Organsational Change Management.

Through the discovery of Twin Hearts meditation, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, Dean found inner peace, contentment, intuition, and more energy to his everyday life.

Dean trained under Master Choa and he now teaches this very powerful mediation to the community as a gift and service to humanity.