Pranic Healing for Children – Importance of Maintaining Your Child’s Aura Clean

February 21, 2014
Courtesy of Ellen Morano Pranic Healer

What is an Aura?

      An aura is a field of “light” surrounding every person’s physical body.

it is sometimes called subtle energy body.

     It acts as our first line of defense against energetic pollution.  A physical, mental or emotional ailment would manifest in the aura first before it attaches to the physical body.

 Why is it important to have a clean aura?

    What happens if for a week we don’t take a bath, brush our teeth or clean our ears?  Yes, it creates a fertile ground for diseases to develop.

    So as with our auras. It needs constant cleaning for it to function as a strong shield against dirty energies.

What effects does it have on a child?

     Most children are equipped with a clean and strong aura. But they will need all our help to maintain it while growing up in our present polluted environment.

    Just like we need to teach them to practice basic hygeine for good health,   it is also important to give their aura a regular energetic bath.

  How does Pranic Healing cleans the Aura.?

    In Pranic Healing, an equivalent of an energetic bath is this technique called “sweeping”. 

    First prepare a disposable bowl, pour some water about half full and add about 2 cups of salt.  This will act as an energetic trashbin.

    Second, relax and focus on your breathing.  Breath slowly, deeply and in rythm.

    While maintaining your breathing cycle, shift your focus to your hands. Imagine that it is radiating a very brilliant white light and enveloping your whole arms forming like a glove. The light grows bigger and brighter with every breath that you make.

     Starting  from about a foot above your child’s head,  make a sweeping motion down to your child’s feet then flick your hands towards the salt water.  While doing this, form the intention that the brilliant white gloves is penetrating your childs aura and physical body thus taking away the negative and disease energies and throwing it to the salt water to be dissolved.

    You can sweep 50 times or more, visualising your childs aura getting cleaner

and brighter with every sweep.

    After doing the sweeping, flush the salt water in the toilet, wash the bowl and keep it in a safe place. Do not use this bowl for other purposes except as an energetic garbage bin

 How often do you apply the Pranic Healing Techniques to clean the aura?

 Once a day is enough but if there are issues to be work on then more than once might be necessary.