Become a Pranic Healing® Instructor

2016 Program

This year we launch our new instructor training package. This is aimed at those looking for a change in career, one that can influence and impact many people lives.

If you enjoy teaching and presenting, have a passion for helping people and an inner voice that says its time for you do make a change in your life then maybe our Instructor Program is for you.

This year’s program runs over 12 months with courses being taught on weekend’s.

What’s included in the program

You will learn

  • Basic Pranic Healing (2-day weekend course)
  • Advanced Pranic Healing (2-day weekend course)
  • Pranic Psychotherapy (2-day weekend course)
  • Arhatic Yoga Preparatory (2-day weekend course)

What else is included

  • Tuition for running introductory courses
  • Tuition for running Twin Hearts Meditation Groups
  • Tuition for running Basic Pranic Healing
  • Participation in Associate Pranic Healers Certification Program 6 -12 mths
  • Instructors Licence Fee to teach Basic Pranic Healing under the official global body Institute for Inner Studies $1000 USD, valid for 3 years
  • Royalty paid on your first 50 Basic Pranic Healing course certificates
  • Assistance with marketing


As a Pranic Healing® Instructor you would have the opportunity to:

  • Help spread the Teachings and Mission of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui in Australia
  • Do service on a large scale
  • Help illuminate the masses and have a positive impact on people’s lives
  • Empower people to heal themselves and their loved ones, as well as help them move forward on their spiritual path
  • Generate an additional source of income while helping to spread Spiritual Work

What if you have already sat the classes

This simply means you have a head start on others in the group. If your at Arhatic Yoga Level you get $2000 off and only pay $3995. Naturally when you complete the training and meet the requirements to be granted a license your training / licence cost and royalty on your first 50 certificates are refunded in full.

Not to mention we will also refund your investment in the other courses that you have already paid for that make up the pre-requisites to be a basic pranic healing instructor

For more details call 1300 767 849 or email

If you would like to be an Instructor of MCKS Pranic Healing®, Dean can provide you more information on the application process.

pdf download Download the Basic Pranic Healing Instructor Application Form 

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