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Pranic Crystal Healing – Melbourne

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Pranic Crystal Healing   With Dean Tollis (Senior Australian Instructor) 2 Day Course - (includes laying of the crystals for everyone attending) Crystals and gemstones possess a form of consciousness and can be used for more powerful, effective Pranic Healing treatments. “A crystal is a subtle energy condenser. This means that it can absorb, store, [...]

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Pranic Psychic Self Defense – Melbourne

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Pranic Psychic Self Defence [Text Book] Pranic Psychic Self Defense - with Dean Tollis (Senior Australian Instructor) 1 DAY EVENT  We live in a sea of energies. Our own energy bodies are constantly mixing with the energies around us, with other peoples, thoughts, feelings and stresses. Learn to shield and protect yourself from [...]

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Basic Pranic Healing – SOLD OUT

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Miracles Through Pranic Healing Basic Pranic Healing is a two day experiential workshop – with a GUARANTEE !!! “If you’re not completely satisfied with what you have learnt , just return your book ,cd and manual and we will refund your investment in full no questions, we are so confident of the quality [...]

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Advanced Pranic Healing – Albany

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Advanced Pranic Healing Text Book Advanced Pranic Healing® Level 2 Course includes the Advanced Pranic Healing Manual Advanced Pranic Healing is a specialised workshop for those who wish to become more effective healers. In Advanced Pranic Healing®, you will learn how to utilise colour prana for quicker, more effective healing results. Coloured prana [...]

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